Looking for hope and biblical change?

Trained counselors are available to walk alongside you, using God’s Word as the basis for encouragement and transformation in the midst of present trials.

Using Ephesians 4:22–24 as our model for biblical counseling, we offer intensive discipleship emphasizing God’s word in believers’ lives to give hope and bring about heart and life change. While each of our pastors meet with members of the church family for biblical counseling, we also have a team of lay and professional counselors of both genders who are equipped to intentionally walk with members of the body.

  • For more info or to make a counseling appointment, email Tom Oostdyk or call the church office at 703-525-8210.
  • Interested in joining our Lay Counseling team? Submit your request to join our team (Circle login required). Upon receiving your request, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss next steps!

Cherrydale Lay Counselors

Tom Oostdyk
Jen Burkholder
Sarah Byrd
John Lastova
MaryAnn Lastova