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Live Confidently in God’s Everlasting Covenant – Genesis 17:1-27

Live confidently-God has secured our reconciliation. He has the power and desire to fulfill His promises and He has demonstrated Himself trustworthy! ... Read More

Wait by Faith in the God Who Sees – Genesis 16:1-16

Waiting is hard. It’s hard because we feel helpless. But that’s not the whole truth. We don’t just wait. If we are God’s children then we ... Read More

Battle Disappointment by Faith – Genesis 15:1-21

Disappointment is the challenge facing Abraham this morning. God has made promises to Abraham. A promise of a great land—he still owns none of it. A... Read More

God Bless You – Genesis 14:1-24

What does it mean to be blessed? In the face of our own greed and the world’s temptation to define blessing by wealth and possessions, the theme of ... Read More

Navigate Strife by Faith – Genesis 13:1-18

What we see in this story is Abram navigate strife by faith. How does faith in God strengthen God’s people to navigate the relational conflicts that... Read More

Fighting for Faith in Our Unfailing God – Genesis 12:10-20

Abram allows his fear to overwhelm his faith. What he can see in his circumstances becomes more compelling than what he knows to be true by faith. And... Read More

Living by Faith in the Promises of God – Genesis 11:27-12:9

God’s people are still blessed to be a blessing; recipients of God’s salvation so that we might proclaim His salvation. But instead of living in a... Read More

Dealing with Doubt in the New Year – Matthew 11:2-19

Where do Christians turn when we’re paralyzed by doubt? How do we help others struggling with doubt? In this text, we encounter an example of doubt ... Read More

The Messiah is Our Eternal Rest – Isaiah 65:17-25

A look at the new heavens and the new earth that will occur at Jesus’ second coming. The hope that results when we focus on our eternal inherita... Read More

The Messiah is a Chosen Servant – Isaiah 42:1-9

Every painful circumstance in our lives can be traced back to sin as its source. In Isaiah 42:1-9, God promises comfort and that comfort will come in ... Read More

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