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Change Your Mind!

Pastoral Intern Matt Tucker discusses Paul’s three appeals to turn the Galatians from a false gospel. Three appeals that we, as believers in Chr... Read More

Live Authentically

Authentic means genuine, honest, and conforming to reality. Authentic living, for a follower of Jesus, means to daily align ones life with your identi... Read More

Let Moses Lead You to Jesus

Most people think that God’s law, given to us through Moses, was designed to motivate us to be good and earn God’s favor by our obedience.... Read More

The Power of a Promise

The apostle Paul warns the Galatians that they are basing their salvation on their personal obedience to the law of Moses instead of on the promises G... Read More

Only Two Options

When it comes to being justified before God the Bible says there are only two options open to us. One option will leave your cursed, out of touch with... Read More

Perseverance by Faith and the Hope of Righteousness

Christians are justified by faith alone. Yet, we often shrink back to a perseverance marked by a cold external approach to obedience, fearful despair ... Read More

Aligning Our Lives with the Gospel

Shocking! Peter the apostle caves into peer pressure and ends up splitting the church and distorting the gospel. Paul confronts him by calling him bac... Read More

Justified by Faith

Paul addresses the serious hypocrisy of his fellow apostle, Peter. In a visit to the church at Antioch, Peter begins to endorse, with his own behavior... Read More

Together for the Gospel

What is God doing? It is a common question in this dark world. We will discover the answer to that question by looking at the story line of the Bible ... Read More

A Sovereign God, an Effective Gospel, a Single-minded People

Paul’s purpose is to demonstrate his authority to call the Galatians back to the gospel. The gospel Paul preaches is from Jesus. His calling as ... Read More

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