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A Humble Song of God’s Mercy and Might – Luke 1:39-56

This exchange between Mary and Elizabeth leads Mary to sing what is often called the Magnicifat, the very first Christmas song. Mary pours our her hea... Read More

From Lowly Manger to Eternal Throne – Luke 1:26-38

Christians understand creation’s brokenness, but also understand how confidently we may hope in Christ. Is the world broken? Horribly so. Is it beyo... Read More

Steadfast Love, Faultless Judgment – Exodus 9:1-10:29

Our passage sits in middle of a narrative that began in Exodus 5. It recounts the story of God redeeming His people from slavery with a mighty hand an... Read More

There is No One Like Our God – Exodus 8:1-32

The ten plagues give us a picture of what the God of the Bible is like. We see that there is no one like Him. He is the ultimate judge and He is the u... Read More

Jesus Reigns Supreme – Exodus 7:1-25

Exodus 7 reveals God’s supremacy. God wants His people freed from slavery. Pharaoh refuses. Yet, we should not imagine this as a chess game where Go... Read More

Persistent Faith When God Delays – Exodus 6:1-13

God promised and then God delayed. Israel’s heart broke. Surely you know the feeling. When God delays our hearts sometimes crumble with disappointme... Read More

Joining God in the World – Acts 10:1-48

God is drawing people to the gospel and developing believers with the gospel. Questions about how God reveals himself to people, what about those who ... Read More

One Consuming Ambition: The Worship of All Peoples – Romans 15:20

Paul’s ambition – his driving, consuming passion – was to preach the gospel in people groups that hadn’t yet named, confessed, and wor... Read More

Do You Know if You KNOW Him? Forged and Fashioned in the Face of Adversity – Exodus 5:1-6:1

A link exists between the suffering we may go through as believers while pursuing obedience to the LORD and the goal of acquiring deeper intimacy and ... Read More

Believe God Who Cannot Lie – Exodus 4:1-31

In Exodus 4, God asks this question: Will you believe my Word? Egypt is the most powerful nation on earth. Will you believe that I can deliver, rescue... Read More

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