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The Be-Attitudes: Citizens of the Now-Not-Yet Kingdom

The five beatitudes Jesus declares are “birthmarks” of the born again, for these can only be manifested in the lives of those made new in ... Read More

Amazed at Jesus’ Authoritative Teaching

The crowds who heard Jesus deliver the sermon on the mount were amazed at his teaching – we should be too! He clearly claimed authority that onl... Read More

Ready or Not

How should we prepare and live in light of the reality of Jesus’ second coming? The unredeemed should repent and believe the gospel. Those who a... Read More

God is Sovereign. God is Good. I will Trust Him as I Should.

The most well know account of the birth of Christ has some things in it you may have overlooked and once discovered can change your perspective and st... Read More

Don’t Forget the Message of Ecclesiastes

The author of Ecclesiastes has his world view shaped by the truths of Genesis 1-3; creation and life as a GIFT (Genesis 1-2) and the fall and living l... Read More

Fleeting Youth, Certain Death, and Deliberate Rejoicing

Youth is fleeting and death is certain. These factors are inevitable, unchanging, unrelenting truths that none of us will escape unless Jesus returns ... Read More

Uncertain? Give and Live!

Four times we are reminded in this passage – we do not know. This is a text about uncertainty. We are given three commands about stewarding our ... Read More

The Power of Wisdom & the Danger of Folly

How do we evaluate leaders—both past and present? What makes a wise leader? And how can we spot a foolish leader who might say things we want to hea... Read More

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!

This powerful passage forces us to face five realities and then calls us to a carpe diem/seize the day life. This is not a call to selfishly grab plea... Read More

How to Live Wisely with Authorities and Mysteries

We all have authorities in our lives and always will. Learning how to wisely relate to them is an essential life skill. We all will face mysteries; un... Read More

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