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Disturbed by the Way?

In this fascinating chapter – A businessman, a missionary and a government official each have and encounter with the gospel. Their relation to t... Read More

Word and Power

The Lord directly engages with creation through His Word and His power. As followers of Christ, we are to join God in His work by faithfully submittin... Read More

We Are All On First String

Jesus is building his church (called out people) and Acts records the early days of his building. We will discover three applications for us as His pe... Read More

“For I am with You”

Examining Paul’s ministry in Corinth, his message, and the response. ... Read More

Unfurling the “Unknown God”: Gospel Work in Athens

God didn’t have to, but He chose to reveal Himself in Creation, in the Bible, and in His Son. Revelation requires a response. In Acts 17:16-34, ... Read More

Good News of Death and Life

The Church stewards the best, most critical news. Yet, functionally we sometimes act like the gospel is old news. The Church in Acts 17 is devoted to ... Read More

Persistence in Gospel Work – Ministry in Philippi

Gospel work is persistent work. God is persistent to save. The church is persistent amid persecution. These realities produce a confident, joyful, and... Read More

The Spirit Directs Gospel Work

Since Pentecost, the Holy Spirit has been directing and empowering the Church to pursue gospel work. He’s still at it; interested and invested i... Read More

Aligning Your Heart with the Father’s Heart

When we align our hearts with the Father’s heart like Jesus, we will discover that like Jesus we have been sent to bring glory to the Father, to... Read More

The Foundation of Unhindered Ministry

The greatest need in every church and in every believer in every generation is to be centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not just believing the go... Read More

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