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The Heartbeat of Missions

God’s redemptive purposes are encapsulated in the Song of Moses sung following the miraculous parting of the Red Sea. ... Read More

What is So Amazing About Grace?

Grace is a gift – God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense. Ephesians 2:1-10 tells us three life-transformative truths about God’s gra... Read More

A Trustworthy Bible or a God of Your Own Making?

The reformers rallied around Sola Scriptura, Scripture alone. What does this mean? How is it supported? So what? ... Read More

Four Questions

What was the spark that lit the fires of the Protestant Reformation and refreshed security and freedom in Christ for believers? We review the church h... Read More

Behold Your God and Your Inner Jonah

Jonah functions like a window (to let us look thru to see God) and a mirror (to let us see ourselves – we are like Jonah). One clear theme emerg... Read More

Are You an Ambitious Person?

Paul’s ambition was to proclaim the gospel where it had not yet been proclaimed. The source of this ambition was God’s heart for all peopl... Read More

Faith and Courage in God Alone is Powerful

Courageous faith in God brings Him glory every time. ... Read More

Come Here Moses!

Moses had a life-altering encounter with God. God provided a three-fold pattern in his encounter with Moses that he follows when he has an encounter w... Read More

Where is God in Our Mess?

The story of Joseph addresses head on the question, where is God in our mess? It provides us with a new understanding of our lives by revealing three ... Read More

Jacob’s Ladder and the Present God

Our difficult circumstances and our awareness that we have sinned against God can make us doubt whether we can count on Him to bless us. His dealings ... Read More

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