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Life as Gift or Gain?

The author of Ecclesiastes examines life from a privileged position of a wise, wealthy, gifted king who seeks to gain stability, meaning, and purpose ... Read More

Hope Amidst Vanity

Ecclesiastes declares the reality of vanity in a fallen world yet shows us how to live with joy and hope amidst the vanity. We either see life as gain... Read More

Why Does the Church Sing?

Christians spend a great deal of time – gathered and alone – singing. But why do we sing? This sermon considers eight reasons why the Chur... Read More

It is More Blessed to Give than to Receive

Paul gives his final message to the Elders of the Ephesian church. The core of his message is that it is more blessed to give than to receive. We will... Read More

Lessons from a 1st Century House Church

This passage gives us a glimpse of God’s greatness and some fresh motivation to stay on mission. We will discover four specific applications for... Read More

Disturbed by the Way?

In this fascinating chapter – A businessman, a missionary and a government official each have and encounter with the gospel. Their relation to t... Read More

Word and Power

The Lord directly engages with creation through His Word and His power. As followers of Christ, we are to join God in His work by faithfully submittin... Read More

We Are All On First String

Jesus is building his church (called out people) and Acts records the early days of his building. We will discover three applications for us as His pe... Read More

“For I am with You”

Examining Paul’s ministry in Corinth, his message, and the response. ... Read More

Unfurling the “Unknown God”: Gospel Work in Athens

God didn’t have to, but He chose to reveal Himself in Creation, in the Bible, and in His Son. Revelation requires a response. In Acts 17:16-34, ... Read More

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