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Aligning Your Heart with the Father’s Heart

When we align our hearts with the Father’s heart like Jesus, we will discover that like Jesus we have been sent to bring glory to the Father, to... Read More

The Foundation of Unhindered Ministry

The greatest need in every church and in every believer in every generation is to be centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not just believing the go... Read More

Unhindered Worshipers

We will examine four adventure stories centered around two missionaries. Each story reveals an activity that flows from worship. We will discover that... Read More

He Did Not See Decay

In this passage, Luke recounts Paul and Barnabas’ ministry in Pisidian Antioch on their first missionary journey. Paul’s sermon at the syn... Read More

Traits of an Unhindered Church

Unhindered is the last word in Acts and is an apt description of how the Holy Spirit works through the church to spread the gospel to all peoples of t... Read More

“Jesus+” Salvation or “New Creation” Salvation

Paul passionately summarizes his message by contrasting two approaches to salvation – one false and the other true. We will discover how to appl... Read More

Facing the Lord of the Harvest

We are all sowing seed every day and we are all going to reap a harvest. God designed the laws of the harvest for our good and when we trust in Jesus ... Read More

Word of God, Spirit of God, People of God

When God’s people walk in the Spirit and abide in God’s word then two evidences always emerge. These two are revealed in the passage. The ... Read More

Use Your Freedom

Christ has truly set us free, but why then do we continue to struggle so with sin? How can we make progress in killing sin and growing godliness? Gala... Read More


Paul begins by reminding us of God’s call to stand in the freedom we have in Christ (5:1). He then drives his point home by asking us to face a real... Read More

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