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Keep Running the Race of Faith!

As we transition in leadership at Cherrydale we are called to keep running the race of faith together. In Hebrews 12:1-13 we learn how to not lose hea... Read More

Membership Has Its Privileges

There is a great deal of confusion and even controversy around the subject of church membership. This sermon aims to answer four questions: What does ... Read More

How Does the Gospel Impact Our Sexuality?

First century Thessalonica was extremely sexually “liberated” and the new believers in Christ who lived there were instructed by Paul and ... Read More

The Good Samaritan

Jesus shows us how to determine who is our neighbor. ... Read More

Forgive from the Heart

In this “go to” passage for forgiveness we learn from Jesus the 4 C’s of forgiveness from the heart – it is Countless, Costly,... Read More

Jesus said Judgment is Coming

How we treat Jesus will determine our eternal destiny. This startling statement is clearly taught by Jesus in His vivid description of the last judgme... Read More

The Rich Fool – Where is Your Treasure?

Jesus taught that money and possessions are helpful and hazardous. He insisted that if we treasure Him above all else, we can maximize the helpfulness... Read More

The Wedding Feast

The Sovereign Lord of the universe has issued an invitation to all who will hear: that He wants us to be citizens in His heavenly kingdom—diners at ... Read More

Laborers in the Vineyard – Are You Grateful or a Grumbler?

Jesus made clear that a walk with Him is a paradox – the weak become strong, the humble are exalted, lose your life for Him and find it. In this... Read More

The Rich Man and Lazarus

Because we are particularly prone to the dangerous undercurrent of money, Jesus tells us a story in Luke 16:19-31. It’s about two men. Two men w... Read More

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