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We feel that prayer—talking to and listening to God—should be the first thing we do, regardless of our circumstances. Our Cherrydale family prays together not only during Sunday worship and other scheduled gatherings, but you’ll also see people praying for one another spontaneously.

We pray for one another throughout the week. Submit a request below to be prayed for by our church family, staff, and elders. Scroll down to access the current church family prayer requests and this month’s missionary prayer calendar.

We also have a Prayer Team formed by those in our church family who feel a special call from God to pray for the needs of others. These members have been trained, vetted, and prayed over… and they would love to pray with you regarding anything in your life that you’d like to bring to God.

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Due to COVID-19, our schedule or format may change. Please visit Cherrydale’s Calendar for the latest information or email us at .

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