Here in the Metro DC area, the world is at our doorstep. We are blessed to have many people from all over the world living here, including professionals, diplomats, immigrants, refugees, and international students. As believers, we are urged to show love to foreigners (Deuteronomy 10:19a), many who have not been exposed to the Gospel (good news of Jesus Christ) and often have never even met a Christian.

Many visiting internationals plan to ultimately return to their country of origin. By reaching out to internationals relationally, we have the opportunity to share the Gospel with those who may take the message of the Bible home with them.

Cherrydale offers the following specialized ministries to serve, reach out to, and build relationships with internationals. If you would like learn more about getting involved in ministry to internationals or aren’t sure where to start, please contact our Interim Missions Director, Yvonne Reed.