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The Rich Man and Lazarus

Because we are particularly prone to the dangerous undercurrent of money, Jesus tells us a story in Luke 16:19-31. It’s about two men. Two men w... Read More

Jesus’ Radical Clarification of God, Sin, and Salvation

We tend to assume there are only two camps – liberal and conservative, secular and biblical, left and right- and each camp thinks the problem is... Read More

A People Prayerfully Proclaiming

What should the church look like if it’s being faithful to the mission Jesus provided? We should see a people devoted to the Word, a people united a... Read More

What is the Mission of the Church?

What is the mission of the Church? What are we doing here? For what purpose has God assembled us? To answer that question, we will turn to a 2,000-yea... Read More

Is Jesus Your Ultimate Treasure?

Jesus gives three parables to describe what the kingdom of heaven is like and in doing so reveals that He paid a high price to be our ultimate treasur... Read More

The Parables of the Mustard Seed and Leaven

God works in unexpected and unseen ways to unveil the mystery. The parable of the mustard seed shows how God works in unexpected ways and the parable ... Read More

Are You Facing the Reality That Jesus Unveils?

Jesus came to pull back the veil, take off our blinders, and tell us the truth about God, ourselves, and the world we live in. If we embrace His revel... Read More

How are You Responding to the Seed of God’s Word?

Jesus tells us that the word of God, the gospel, is like a seed and our hearts are like soil – some hard, some shallow, some weed infested, and ... Read More

Always Pray and Don’t Lose Heart

Jesus taught us how to not lose heart (there are six passages in the New Testament that command us not to lose heart) by always praying to our heavenl... Read More

A Righteous People and a Merciful Message

Once we were not a people but now we are the people of God. Once we had not received mercy, but now we have received mercy. We have been made into a R... Read More

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