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Shameless Love – Luke 7:36-50

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God’s Global Mission Will Not Fail – Luke 24:44-49

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Seeking, Savoring, and Sharing Jesus Christ – Luke 2:36-40

Identity and purpose are themes that shape our daily media feeds and leave us confused and frustrated. Therefore, we desperately need the compelling a... Read More

Waiting with Comfort and Joy – Luke 2:21-35

Waiting is hard. In this passage, Luke 2:21–35, we encounter a man named Simeon who is waiting with his eyes turned toward God. Both what he is wait... Read More

The Manger was a Throne – Luke 2:1-20

Is Jesus the conquering King or the humble, lowly child born in Bethlehem? Well, He’s both. The way Jesus comes into the world (i.e. the manger) rev... Read More

The Weary World Rejoices – Luke 1:57-80

Death introduces weariness into God’s creation. We groan because of it. Even for Christians, for whom death has lost ultimate sting; death can be cr... Read More

A Humble Song of God’s Mercy and Might – Luke 1:39-56

This exchange between Mary and Elizabeth leads Mary to sing what is often called the Magnicifat, the very first Christmas song. Mary pours our her hea... Read More

From Lowly Manger to Eternal Throne – Luke 1:26-38

Christians understand creation’s brokenness, but also understand how confidently we may hope in Christ. Is the world broken? Horribly so. Is it beyo... Read More

The Good Samaritan

Jesus shows us how to determine who is our neighbor. ... Read More

The Rich Fool – Where is Your Treasure?

Jesus taught that money and possessions are helpful and hazardous. He insisted that if we treasure Him above all else, we can maximize the helpfulness... Read More

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