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The Good Samaritan

Jesus shows us how to determine who is our neighbor. ... Read More

The Rich Fool – Where is Your Treasure?

Jesus taught that money and possessions are helpful and hazardous. He insisted that if we treasure Him above all else, we can maximize the helpfulness... Read More

The Rich Man and Lazarus

Because we are particularly prone to the dangerous undercurrent of money, Jesus tells us a story in Luke 16:19-31. It’s about two men. Two men w... Read More

Jesus’ Radical Clarification of God, Sin, and Salvation

We tend to assume there are only two camps – liberal and conservative, secular and biblical, left and right- and each camp thinks the problem is... Read More

Always Pray and Don’t Lose Heart

Jesus taught us how to not lose heart (there are six passages in the New Testament that command us not to lose heart) by always praying to our heavenl... Read More

Keep Asking Your Heavenly Father

Jesus was asked by his disciples; Lord, teach us to pray. His response was the Lord’s prayer (a pattern for prayer), the parable of the friend a... Read More

God is Sovereign. God is Good. I will Trust Him as I Should.

The most well know account of the birth of Christ has some things in it you may have overlooked and once discovered can change your perspective and st... Read More

The Guarantee of Indestructible Joy

  • Sermon Series: Luke

Our relationships and circumstances are colored by pain. But Jesus is the guarantee of indestructible joy. He does not produce artificial, manufacture... Read More

From Disappointment to Delight

  • Sermon Series: Luke

Jesus walked his disappointed disciples from disappointment to delight. The text revels three things Jesus did with these devastated disciples and the... Read More


  • Sermon Series: Luke

Luke provides five often-overlooked historical evidences for the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Clear away false assumptions and learn a... Read More

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