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Groaning Then Glory – Romans 8:18-25

The groaning of this present age will give way to future glory. The main thing Paul says in Romans 8:18-25 is this: Our present suffering can’t ... Read More

The Messiah is a Chosen Servant – Isaiah 42:1-9

Every painful circumstance in our lives can be traced back to sin as its source. In Isaiah 42:1-9, God promises comfort and that comfort will come in ... Read More

Don’t Forget the Message of Ecclesiastes

The author of Ecclesiastes has his world view shaped by the truths of Genesis 1-3; creation and life as a GIFT (Genesis 1-2) and the fall and living l... Read More

The Wisdom of a God-Centered Life

Every day we see the ugliness of life in a fallen world but often fail to see the amazing grace of God at the same time. Our passage shows us what it ... Read More

Restful or Restless

We all long for a sense of rest and internal stability. Psalm 95 teaches us that consistent worship of the one true God brings constant rest to our so... Read More

Male and Female in the Worshiping Church (Part 2)

God created men and women equal with complementary roles. When the church family gathers for worship, men and women are to glorify God and build up ea... Read More

Male and Female in the Worshiping Church (Part 1)

Worship is about submitting to God as our ultimate authority and it cannot be separated from properly relating to human authority. Do women have to we... Read More

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