Join us on Sunday, Mar. 15; 4:45–7:00 pm.

If this will be your first members gathering, read our helpful tips!

Registration by Wednesday, Mar. 11 is required for all attendees. Your registration greatly helps the elders, staff, and hospitality team coordinate and plan.

  1. Register all adults and youth in your household together.
  2. Register each child (infants through 5th graders) separately for childcare.

Register Adults & Teens Register a Child

Potluck Assignments

Household assignments are according to the first letter of your last name. Each dish should serve 10 people.

The church will provide grilled sausages/hot dogs.

  • A–J: Side dish
  • K–O: Dessert
  • P–Z: Fruit salad or green salad

Business Items

Stay tuned; we’ll update the agenda as we get closer to the gathering!

First time at a members gathering?

We’re glad you’ll be joining us! Here are some pointers:

  1. Most people come in through the Military Road entrance: Outside Room 121, registered adults and teens can pick up their name tags and parents can check in children that have been registered for childcare.
  2. Typically, our members gatherings are potluck dinners; most dishes should be brought to the Well (Rm 110), with the exception of desserts—which should be placed on the table in the kitchen.
  3. After collecting your name tags and dropping off your food items, find a place in the Gym to sit. (We’ll inform folks if we’ve opened up another room for overflow seating.) Families with young children and those serving in childcare will be invited to enter the buffet line first: Children of all ages will eat dinner and participate in worship alongside their parents, then we’ll announce when registered children may be brought to their childcare rooms.
  4. Before heading home, help clean up your table and remember to take your dish home (don’t leave any leftovers at the church)!

The Cherrydale family gathers the third Sunday of every odd month for members gatherings. This informal time allows our family of believers to come together for a meal, fellowship, worship, prayer, testimonies, and church family business. These gatherings are open to all church members and those who are considering membership.