Focus For Four is a Cherrydale initiative to focus on one particular unreached people group (UPG) for four years. A people group with a distinct culture and language is considered unreached when its people would likely live and die without ever hearing the Gospel (good news of Jesus Christ). More information about UPGs can be found at the Joshua Project website.

We seek to impact our Focus For Four people group for eternity by:

  • Learning about and appreciating them and their culture;
  • Praying for them, both individually and corporately;
  • Giving financially to support special projects geared to minister to them;
  • Sending short-term teams to serve among them; and
  • Seeking to send a long-term missionary from Cherrydale to serve among them.

Our Focus for Four initiatives

The Azerbaijani

Our 2009–2012 Focus

The Kalal

Our 2013–2017 Focus