On June 16, the process will begin to elect a new president for Guatemala. There are 24 declared presidential candidates vying for this position. Throughout the country, 40,000 political positions are up for grabs. Every four years this democratic process is “celebrated.”

Unfortunately, this is a time also of nefarious activity, great uncertainty, and unrest. Pray for peace and an orderly process to prevail.

In Cuba, the tense situation has been further aggravated because of the Cuban/Venezuelan connection and the US embargo. Rationing of basic food staples and increasing fuel prices have caused the Cubans to scramble daily to put life together. In spite, of this, the Cuban church continues to prosper. Pray for Cuba.

Tomorrow I will be sharing with Ann’s spiritual life seminary class—biblical principles in determining how a believer can choose God’s will for marriage. Pray for me.

Bob (and Ann)