During each Kindred meeting, our children are cared for by a wonderful team of background-checked staff and volunteers in the Cherrydale nursery rooms. This team gives mothers a two-hour break to be refreshed and recharged.

Secure Check-In | Kiosks located in the Worship Center lobby, near the nursery

Check-in for Kindred is handled through our computerized system. When you arrive, head to the 2nd floor to the lobby just outside the Worship Center. You’ll check yourself and your registered kids in, bring your child to their designated room, give us any care instructions, and head on down to the meeting.

Will this be your first time at Kindred? We’re looking forward to getting to know you! At the kiosks, you’ll see a fellow Kindred mom who’ll be warmly greeting and helping ladies with check-in. She’ll help you securely check your child into the correct childcare room and tell you where you can park a stroller. Then, you’ll have four simple steps:

  1. Put name tags on your child: You’ll receive two identical sticker name tags; one goes on your child’s back and the other is for your child’s diaper bag. Any food allergies will be identified on the name tag.
  2. Hold onto your pick-up tags! You’ll receive two identical tags with security codes that match your child’s name tag. You cannot pick up your child without his/her matching pick-up tag!
  3. Drop off your child and diaper bag at his/her childcare room.
  4. Head downstairs to Room 119 for the Kindred gathering! If your child requires your attention during the meeting, our childcare coordinator will come get you.

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