• February 16, 2024

Feb. 16, 2024 Kindred Speakers: Julie Ganjei

Cherrydale member Julie Ganjei shared her personal testimony with a focus on seeking God first

Previously lost, and saved by grace, Julie is serious about her relationship with Jesus. Since early days in her faith, she has desired to know the truth and understand God’s Word and He has graciously and continually answered her prayers in this respect, guiding her through as she digs in. A native of England, and now calling America home, moving and traveling have been a big part of Julie’s life. The journey has included sorrows and joys, trials and victories. Now wife of Dr. Ali Ganjei, and Nana to four beautiful grandchildren, Julie loves to minister to and coach women, and shares freely from her own story at times, while seeking to encourage and help others on their journey.